My week in review! I keep trying to cut my videos down shorter and I just have so much I want to say! Here’s a breakdown of what’s in my video and where in case you want to skip ahead:

How much weight I lost this week – 0:05

My No Cheat September goal – 1:18

Thank YOU!! – 1:58

HUGE help from No Cheat September – 3:05

Not missing cheat meals…kinda / skipping temptations / No Cheat November? – 3:27

How do you feel about cheating meals/days – 6:50

NSV – Clothes are fitting! – 7:30

End of the month = weigh / measurements (and what I measure) / progress pics – 8:09

Exercise this week / new indoor workout – 10:15

Macros / The struggle of fats and protein is real – 12:36

Getting the fats in – 13:16

Are you using Periscope? Do you want to? – 15:24

Coming this week – 17:46

Indoor/Rainy Day Workout Playlist:

Also – World of the Day is EXCITED! You could make a drinking game out of this video with that word…sheesh!

I’m all about low carbs and sugar free! I created this channel to help me stick to that lifestyle.

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