Welcome to episode #158, with Dr. Jan Venter! He is a Functional Medicine and brain health specialist.

Read the full show notes here: discuss how to improve brain and mitochondrial function with a ketogenic diet.

Dr. Venter also shares research about measuring and tracking brain function.

02:05 Dr. Venter’s Brain Health Journey:

Dr. Venter saw many patients from vehicle accidents with traumatic brain injury. There was no effective means of assessment. Treatment was a mixture of two antidepressants and hope for recovery. This was not good enough for Dr. Venter, so he dug deeper. A friend was using neurofeedback for evaluating fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. It was a non-invasive way to see within the brain. EEG also intrigued him. The equipment became cheaper and smaller. It is a way to capture live data and compare it to a database to evaluate brain health: cognition, depression, concussion, ADD and more.

04:39 Neurofeedback and Quantitative EEG:

08:34 Tools We Can Use to Asses Brain Health:

11:46 Cogniscope for Young Athletes: Dr. Fenter recommends getting a baseline brain function evaluation, or cogniscope, at about age 10 or 12. For executives (and the rest of us), 35 to 40 is a good time. These are important for anyone in a contact sport.

21:18 The State of Flow: The book The Rise of Superman by Steven Kotler hooked Dr. Venter into flow. The author had Lyme disease. He was depressed, suicidal and unable to write. He started surfing and entered into a state where his brain began working again. The process of flow is an optimum state of mind where you feel your best and perform your best. After a year of surfing and flow, the author’s Lyme disease began to reverse. In a state of flow, your brain releases a healing cocktail of dopamine, anandamide, and serotonin. There are 17 triggers for releasing flow. Many are social triggers. Public speaking is one. Novel and high environmental content is another. This can be developed in a work environment and is being used at some high tech businesses to bring about creativity.