I’ve received many requests to talk about how I formulate my keto meals in a day. Here’s a bit of insight into my macros and meals! For precise details on my daily meals and macros see my Meal Plans which duplicate the way that I eat every day: Meal Plans & Coaching: is a link to the keto boosting products that I use! turn your body into a highly adapted fat burning machine with a Ketogenic diet, you will need to increase your consumption of healthy fats in order to lower your sugar intake.

Meal Plans & Coaching: your free ebook on how to DETOX for optimal keto-adaptation: me on Instagram for the latest posts: am not a doctor nor do I play on on the internet! This video is for information purposes and is not professional medical advice. Ketogenic diets may not be safe for everyone, especially type 1 diabetics so consult with your doctor before attempting any new diet and lifestyle changes.